Crown Kites, also known as Ring kites, were invented by Andre Cassagne. They were his rendition of Alexander Graham Bell's ring kite. The designs are very different for the most part, but both versions had a real presence in the sky. After seeing Pete Dolphin's "Moon kite" I fell in love with the design.

I built a 12 sided version in 2007, pictured below. (click it to see a bigger image)


For the 2008 season I will be taking very limited orders for custom Crown Kites. Colors, patterns, number of sides (8, 12, or 16) will play a part in the cost, but here are some rough guidelines.

an 8 sided kite, with solid color sails, fiberglass spars, made with 10 inch standoff spars(spars between the upper and lower sails) and 16 inch spars everywhere else. an outside diameter of 70 inches, complete with custom matching bag is $600 US. (You can build this kite for $200 or less)

A 12 sided kite, with wrapped carbon 16 inch spars (including standoffs) and 49 custom sails (Like above image) runs $1400 US. (custom bag included)

A 16 sided kite with wrapped carbon spars, and 65 custom sails, runs $1800 US (custom bag included)

On occasion you may find completed kites on this page, if so, the price will be listed with the kite.

8 sided crown with 16 inch spars.

Below is a massive variation on a crown kite. My buddy Pumpkin at the Kitebuilder forum named it the Crown Pagoda. Its based on an 8 sided crown, but is 6 layers high. This makes it 60 inches tall by 70 inches wide. In the future I will be doing a 12 sided version as well. The below image is a 3D model of the kite.